First License Class

First License Class Start March 11 2014

First License CLASSES
7:00 PM—9:00PM


Matinee building on Marion County Fair Ground.

Call Bill Finnegan  NR8I @ 740-387-8944


From Club Vice-President Dan Wade

Wow, we can still have real winters and January produced
some great storms, and it looks like February will be full of winter
surprises. As you travel remember to carry emergency supplies
of food, water and a working flashlight. You may be glad you did.
This coming Monday night is our regular monthly club meeting.
We need as many of you to come as possible as we will be
electing a new Club President and Secretary/Treasurer. Also, the
By-laws committee will present several changes to our club

Club House: It’s been reported that most of the soda is gone
but there is not enough money left to replace what is missing.
We could vote money, or what might be even easier is everyone
bring a 12 pack of their favorite non-alcoholic beverage to the
meeting. So if you can bring us a 12 pack, we’ll be sure to get it
back to the club house. The cheap 50 cents a can fee helps
replace the soda, and any money left over is used to buy needed
items for the club house. So please help the club house soda
program in its great time of need.

Ham of the year

billMARC President Larry Freeman, right, awarding the Ham of the Year plaque to Bill at the January MARC meeting. Bill was elected by vote of the membership because of his years of service educating hams and helping them obtain their license.

Amateur Radio General License






Sponsored by the Marion Amateur Radio Club
Time 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
The Class will start December 3rd 2013. Class dates are Dec 3, 10, 17, 23, Jan 7, 14, 21, and 28th.
Class will end in time for the Sunday Feb 2 2014 test session at TV39.
Cost of the class is the price of the book “ARRL General Class License Manual” which is $ 29.95.
Prior education would be an FCC Technician License, this is not required for the class but will require students to pass the Technician License test before attempting the General License Class. This can be done at the same test session.  Late starts welcome.
Instructor and class information contact Bill Finnegan (nr8i) phone 740-387-8944

U. L. O. please identify

This is a photo on file that has a few radios in a box. Radios have 147.300 tunned on them. That is the WW8MRN Marion Ohio Repeater Frequency. Anyone have details of this black boat anchor.
I received an electronic mail message that said Mike Mastro KD8QDL put this black box together and lite it up like a christmas tree. Give more details Mike.
I have been diligently working on the box to make it even better than it was at the initial showing. It now contains the following:
Carvin AC120S Sequenced Output Power Conditioner
QJE PS30SWV Power Supple with Digital Readout
Yaesu FT-1900 2M Radio
Jetstream Speaker connected to the Yaesu
ICOM 7000 – All Band Transceiver
SignaLink USB for Digital Communications
MFJ Cleartone Speaker connected to the ICOM 7000
Three R8X 18 Inch COAX Cables for getting the antennas connected to the radios
LDG IC-100 Auto Tuner for the ICOM
MFJ PowerPole Power Distribution Center
HP I3 Ultrabook Laptop / Netbook Small Footprint Computer running WIN 8 and FLDIGI
All of the above is packaged in an SKB 5U rolling rack with extension handle for ease of transport. Additionally, I am using a Diamond X30 2M/70CM antenna for local communications with the repeater and for local simplex operations. I plan on adding a straight key (J38?) for CW use. I am also currently researching HF portable vertical antennas for the best match at a reasonable price (CrankIR, BuddyPole, etc).

Best regards,

Field Day Marion Ohio 2013

The Marion Amateur Radio Club and Marion Amateur Radio Emergency Service join effort to participate in a US and Canadian event known as Field Day. The use of amateur radio frequencies to make contacts where ever possible. Though it is a US and Canadian event, other countries know about the exercise and are allowed and welcome to participate.

FD Marion Ohio 2013

[img src=]15790
[img src=]6380
[img src=]4450
[img src=]3430
[img src=]2950
[img src=]2730
[img src=]2320
[img src=]2100
[img src=]1980
[img src=]1860
[img src=]1710
[img src=]1590
[img src=]1590
[img src=]1500
[img src=]1290
[img src=]1260
[img src=]1180
[img src=]1180
[img src=]1060
[img src=]1080
[img src=]1050
[img src=]1010
[img src=]1120

If anyone has Marion Ohio Field Day 2013 photos or other photos that they would like to share on the web, send to

Hot Tamale Bicycle Tour June 1 2013

The MARES group (Marion Amateur Radio Emergency Service) provided comunications along the tour route. Advising tour progress, weather conditions and reporting of stranded or cyclist needing medical assistance. Check out the Hot Tamale bicycle tour face book photo page for HT 2013. Hot Tamale 2013 Photos
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Executive Board Holds First Summer Meeting

monkey meeting The Executive Board of the Marion Amateur Radio Club met for the first ever summer meeting. The regular club meetings run Sept through May. Executive Board followed the pattern till this year. Meeting topics were covered along with field day and an upcoming set (simulated emergency test). The club radios were discussed and the Bylaws reviewed and discussed. It could prove beneficial to have the Executive Board met during the summer. Field Day June Sat 22nd 2:00pm to Sun 23 2:00pm operating time. Set up will start Thursday evening and Friday before the big event. Location is the old armory at Pole Lane Rd and 309. North – East Corner of the intersection. FD contact Kevin Landes KV2L 740-225-1576