Technician Classes to be Held

Classes will begin on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 to assist folks who would like to obtain their Technician License and participate in the wonderful world of Amateur Radio Operators!  The classes are taught by Bill Finnegan, NR8I, and will be held starting at 7:00 p.m. at the MARC Clubhouse.  Classes will be held weekly, same day of the week and same time for nine weeks.  It is suggested that you purchase “The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual” which has been updated this year and contains all information that will be covered as well as Exam Questions and Answers.

Antenna Farm going up

The start of an in credible antenna farm.

The start of an incredible antenna farm.

The ultimate antenna farm going up.  This will incorporate many of the common ham radio antennas.  The Dipole, Long wire – most common in this installation, Rhombic, both V beam and Inverted V, End Fed Zepp, and complementing vertical antennas.  Many of the antennas will be used simultaneous while others are used exclusive, neighboring antennas are directional driving.   Over 60 poles have been set for this structure.

Ham News

The start of an in credible antenna farm.

Marion Ohio Field Day Poster 2014

Field Day Poster Marion Ohio 2014

Field Day Poster Marion Ohio 2014



Station W8GVB:  Listen for Whiskey 8 Golf Victor Bravo Field Day on  June 28th – 29th Saturday @ 2:00 PM till Sunday @ 2:00 PM

First Consolidated Station # 3 State Route 309 @ Pole Lane Rd. Marion Ohio

FD5 FD 2014 Field Day poster 2014

First License Class

First License Class Start March 11 2014

First License CLASSES
7:00 PM—9:00PM


Matinee building on Marion County Fair Ground.

Call Bill Finnegan  NR8I @ 740-387-8944


From Club Vice-President Dan Wade

Wow, we can still have real winters and January produced
some great storms, and it looks like February will be full of winter
surprises. As you travel remember to carry emergency supplies
of food, water and a working flashlight. You may be glad you did.
This coming Monday night is our regular monthly club meeting.
We need as many of you to come as possible as we will be
electing a new Club President and Secretary/Treasurer. Also, the
By-laws committee will present several changes to our club

Club House: It’s been reported that most of the soda is gone
but there is not enough money left to replace what is missing.
We could vote money, or what might be even easier is everyone
bring a 12 pack of their favorite non-alcoholic beverage to the
meeting. So if you can bring us a 12 pack, we’ll be sure to get it
back to the club house. The cheap 50 cents a can fee helps
replace the soda, and any money left over is used to buy needed
items for the club house. So please help the club house soda
program in its great time of need.

Ham of the year

billMARC President Larry Freeman, right, awarding the Ham of the Year plaque to Bill at the January MARC meeting. Bill was elected by vote of the membership because of his years of service educating hams and helping them obtain their license.